About Jack McCall

Jack was born December 7, 1946, spent part of his early childhood in San Francisco and has lived in San Jose since the late fifties. He served in the U.S. Navy four years; most of it on a submarine named the U.S.S. Sea Cat. Jack lost his late wife after forty-four wonderful years together. Jack has been married one year to his new wife Louise, who also lost a spouse. Together, Jack and Louise have four children and six grandchildren.

At a Billy Graham rally in 1958 (age 12), Jack experienced the powerful presence of God for the first time. He was too young to understand what it meant let alone know what to do with it.

In April 1987, on a Christians In Commerce weekend retreat Jack came face to face with Jesus Christ once again and was overwhelmed by the anointing of God. Although frightened, Jack said yes to the call on his life. The call was to evangelize the marketplace; especially his area of influence in the workplace. His intimate relationship with Jesus has taken him places that he never planned on going and has challenged him to live a life different from the one he had mapped out for himself.

Jack has been involved with the San Jose Chapter of CIC since its inception in 1987. God continues to open doors for him along the lines of partnering with many churches, pastors and marketplace ministries in the bay area. In 2001, God started using him to circulate a weekly column called “The Challenge”. Although there was a continuous request for Jack to put “The Challenge” in a book format for publication, he was not hearing the same thing from God. What Jack did hear though, was God asking him to design a web page that would draw its visitors into a closer relationship with Jesus and assist others in Applying Christ’s Teachings to their every-day lives. The birthing of this web page for ACT Ministries came from that mission/vision.



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