“Ears To Hear”?

Absorbing God’s Word

“The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry.” Psalm 34:15

Applying God’s Word

This scripture reminds me to be alert for the urgings of the Holy Spirit and that God gave me two ears to hear for good reason.

On the day of Louise’s surgery, I planted myself in front of the waiting room monitor, which kept me informed about where she was each step of the way.

A couple questions to the man sitting next to me opened up a transparent exchange in which I became God’s ears. The man poured out his heart and then allowed me to pray with him.

The next morning, we were blessed by an impromptu visit from one of the hospital Chaplains. Within minutes, there was a realization that God was using this visit in an unexpected way. By listening and opening our hearts to the Chaplain, he revealed that our visit gave him clarity to one of his recent prayers.

God loves when we use our voice for His glory, but loves it just as much when we have ears to hear the cries of His people.

Accounting of God’s Word

Are my ears God’s ears?

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