“Shake Rattle & Roll”?

Absorbing God’s Word

“Your love has given me great joy. It has cheered me up. You have renewed the hearts of God’s people.” Philemon 1:7

Applying God’s Word

Louise and I pray each day and wait for opportunities, presented by God, to bring other folks His joy, peace and love.

As we walked by the barbershop, an old song from their outside speaker grabbed our attention. It was Jesse Strong’s song titled “Shake, Rattle and Roll” as sung by Bill Haley. We looked at each other, smiled and began to dance (East Coast Swing).

The barbers inside the oversized window smiled and turned their two customers around to watch. All of them were laughing and smiling ear to ear.

Sometimes, God asks us to reach the hearts of his people in different ways. This was one of those times.

Accounting of God’s Word

Am I shaking, rattling and rolling for Jesus? Is God’s love through me giving others great joy?

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