“Turn The Tables”

Absorbing God Word

“Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!” John 2:16

Applying God’s Word

Who will turn over the tables of the money changers or chase the cattle and sheep out of the temple areas of our world? No one can do it better than Jesus, but where does He start?

I’m pretty sure Jesus wants to start with me. He can’t help me, though, unless I am willing to open my eyes to the things that need change. Jesus is continuously asking me to remove those things that He finds offensive; things like pride, sloth, and judgments of others to name a few.

My eyes have been opened but they must be opened wider. That’s only possible if I open the door and let Jesus in. It’s by spending quality time with Him that we discover areas that still need work. If I allow Jesus to get me cleaned up, I know that there’s hope for everyone else.

Accounting of God’s Word

Is Jesus teaching me how to clean up the corners of my temple?

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