Absorbing God Word

“For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.” James 3:16

Applying God’s Word

The votes are in. Both sides were pointing fingers before the election and they still are. The reality with pointing a finger at someone is that there are usually three other fingers in our hand pointing back at us.

Did this election bring us all closer together? It seems that it divided our nation even more. Why? Maybe it has to do with the lack of respect that has slowly weaved itself into every area of our lives. It’s like an untreated cancer that eventually ends up being terminal.

Who started it and how have we allowed it to take control? Could it be our own acts of envy and selfish ambition? I can recall seasons when I have contributed my share of that, but I also rationalized that it was too small to matter. Wrong. Each of us have probably contributed to this divisiveness in some way. We need only investigate the dark corners of our lives.

Accounting of God’s Word

Have I ever been a finger-pointer? Have I ever had selfish ambition?

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